Cameron Royal

Principal Engineer / Consultant

Software generalist with 2 decades of experience shipping games and business applications on multiple platforms.

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Technical leadership for the following shipped titles:

Teamfight Tactics
League of Legends
EVE Online
Dust 514
Interzone Futebol
+ multiple unannounced

Before that, was the project lead for various business applications covering the agriculture, commerce and mining industries in Australia.


After having spent a decade working in multiple industries in Australia I jetted off to the land of fire and ice to work for CCP Games in Iceland and then Riot Games in Los Angeles.

I have a broad experience covering most elements of game, web and application development with a deep specialization in networking, performance and user interface development.


Available for consultation, contract work and speaking engagements. If you are interested in working together let's talk!

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I usually respond within 24 hours, thanks for getting in touch.